Over 50 years of market research experience

Our History

Demoskopea, who is one of the first research institutes in Italy, was founded in 1965.

We have followed and accompanied the history of Italy from the post World War II until today and as a result we make up an entry in the economic financial dictionary of the “Enciclopedia Treccani”:

From the Treccani vocabulary: | “Institute for statistical research and public opinion analysis, based in Milan. Demoskopea, founded in 1965, is a company specialized in market research and develops studies, both nationally and internationally, such as: testing new product ideas, measuring the effectiveness of advertising communication and the assessment of the costumer satisfaction”.

Thanks to countless studies done for the most important Italian newspapers, our political polls and research on important social issues such as divorce, abortion and racism became very famous.

Reviewing now those research 40/50 years later let us understand how the World can change quickly and with that the attitudes and behaviors of man/consumer. It explains how these changes can be predicted by good market research.

Some pictures from the archive

Panorama | April 1976

Panorama | May 1977

Panorama | January 1980

Panorama | 1978

La Repubblica | 1988

Il Sole 24 ore | 2015

Il Mondo | May 1975

Oggi | 1983

Espresso | January 1974

Panorama | 1976

L’Unità | May 1979