Over 50 years of market research experience

Our Best Practice

We are a team of professionals with a longstanding experience in Marketing and Social Research: a streamlined structure, with people of proven seniority, who offer you the ability to address, interpret and solve your company information issues.

We are interpreters of innovation, from the beginning open to change and ever hungrier of curiosity: we combine expertise, professionalism and sensibility in market research and marketing, with the aim of design and generate unique knowledge paths to support any decision-making, both strategic and tactical. We constantly research and adopt the best method for the knowledge and provision of solutions.

At Demoskopea we face the themes of any research activity with a strong belief: everything and its opposite apply. We are confident that a bit of creativity coupled with an unconventional and ironic vision of the world are essential to the improvement of action as well as a necessary push to creativity.

We provide innovative and leading edge solutions, backed up by our 50 years heritage in the interpretation and understanding of social phenomena and consumption.

In the different stages of studies (brief, analysis, data, results) Demoskopea regularly apply the following practice towards all the resources involved (clients, suppliers, users, interviewed):

Get and give answers


Know how to listen to know how to ask questions and move in the right direction.


The crucial point, both starting and finishing at the same time the starting point and the arrival .


Sometimes details are more important than the bigger picture: observing is more than watching.


Alone you can do little. The secret is in doing things together. Debate is essential..


The ultimate goal is to give clear and meaningful answers, which can assist the customer in the decision-making progress. Taking decisions sometimes is not easy and the right amount of common sense can help..